2013 Holiday Streak – Day 2

Day 2 – November 29, 2013

I wasn’t really expecting day 2 to be very hard, and it wasn’t…although, I probably wouldn’t have run today if I wasn’t doing the streak.  It was warmer than yesterday, but still just below freezing, and again the wind was somewhat unpleasant.  I can’t complain though, because the sun was out and the streets are still clear of any snow and ice.  And of course, having the day off goes a long way in making it easy to get a run in 🙂

Heading Out!


2 thoughts on “2013 Holiday Streak – Day 2

    • It has taken me a few false starts to get back into a routine after the marathon, too. I’m still not going quite as far as I thought I would be on my post-race long runs, but now I’ve found a different goal to distract me. 🙂

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