2013 Holiday Running Streak – Days 5 – 9

Days 5 – 9: December 2nd – 6th, 2013

Just like I thought, this week was a monster.  Work was SO busy.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, whenever I have a deadline, there is just NEVER enough time.  On top of that we had our work Holiday party on Thursday afternoon, and I wasn’t about to miss that, so there was a small chunk of the work week I had to push off on to other days. Normally, if I had a week like this, I would have run zero miles, but because I’m signed up for the streak, I ran ALL FIVE DAYS!!!!!!  I went a single mile (or slightly more) every time, so I didn’t get a huge mileage number for the week, but I followed the rules, and I ended up running 5 more miles than I would have otherwise.  🙂

You must be asking yourself, “How’d she do it?”  Well, it wasn’t the most organized thing.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I got up  at 4:45 AM and ran before work.  On Tuesday and Friday I went after.  I have to say that getting up that early was not as bad as I thought it would be.  And, the hardest day actually turned out to be Friday.  I wasn’t about to go Friday morning, (Certainly not after the 5 fabulous drinks I had at our Holiday party on Thursday!), so I was stuck with Friday night.  We had a bunch of (awesome) errands to run – we got a little present for our new baby niece, Sydney – who we get to meet this weekend for the very first time ever!!!, we picked up our race packets for the Reindeer Run that’s today!, and we got our Christmas tree!

After all the errands, I was beat…and was not in the mood for a run no matter how short.  But after such a long week, if I was going to quit the streak, it wasn’t going to be on Friday night.  So, I headed out, and even with the added bonus of freezing rain, I actually had a nice time.  🙂  And I saw one other crazy person running in the rain…both of us grinning ear to ear waving at each other, makes me think we were both overjoyed to find we weren’t the only nutcases out there.




2 thoughts on “2013 Holiday Running Streak – Days 5 – 9

  1. I am finally reading your running blog! It is great – I like the humor thrown in with all the serious running stuff. But wow, kudos to you for running all this week with tons of work to do AND your holiday party! That is amazing – I need some of your motivation to use towards my 2014 resolutions (which I am formulating right now), let me in on the secret 😉

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