Two Runs, One Stone

Days 24 & 25:  December 20th & 21st

I understand the thinking behind this, but the fact that everyone is interested in getting their (work) loose ends tied up before the end of the year, really put a cramp in my style last week.  I mean, is anyone even really going to look at this stuff before new year’s?

I ended up stuck at work on the 20th until 9:45 PM in order to get something out before I took off for 12 days.  This was rather unexpected, so I didn’t even think to get my run in before the work day. By the time I finally finished, I was exhausted, frustrated, and REALLY dreading having to run when I got home. Fortunately for me, I have a terrific husband who not only volunteered to come pick me up (so I didn’t have to wait for the 10:40 train) but also came up with a brilliant plan!

When I got home around 10 PM, I ate dinner and we popped in The Muppet Christmas Carol while we wrapped the last of our Christmas gifts.  By 11:45, I was back in the holiday spirit and ready to go for a run, or two 🙂 At this point, Jeff was falling asleep on the couch and regretting his suggestion, but I was super psyched and ready to head out.  So we hit the road and ran a little over a mile before the stroke of midnight.  Then, we turned around and ran a little over a mile after midnight!  This technically isn’t cheating on the streak, and it was super fun!  Plus, then I got to sleep in on Saturday morning.





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