Top 5 Friday: Running Quotes

For this week’s Top 5, I’m posting my favorite running quotes. At least, my current favorites! Also, I fancied them up a bit in Paint. Yup, you read that right, my super graphic design skills are limited to Microsoft Paint. So, here we go, get ready to be inspired!

Top 5 Quotes about Running (according to Amy):

The Will to

1. I like this one because it’s true.

It was being

2. I didn’t always believe this, but now I’m on board.

Fake Runners

3. We need to stop putting ourselves down. You run, you’re a runner.

Never give up

4. Keep going!

You Just Run

5. Similar to #3; I like this sentiment

I hope you like the quotes! And, also my fancy paint skills. Have a good weekend!

Do you have a favorite quote, running or otherwise?


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