100 Happy Days

Have you heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge? Maybe I’m a little behind because I just heard about it, but I think it sounds pretty neat. For 100 days, you do something that makes you happy and then acknowledge it by taking a picture and posting it to one of the many social media sites. You can also email it somewhere. Here’s where you can find the official explanation and registration info: http://100happydays.com/


At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the whole picture taking/posting aspect and was considering just doing it “unofficially” without that bit. However, after thinking it over, I’m now convinced that it will be neat to have a collection of photos from the whole experience. Unfortunately, posting to a blog doesn’t count for the challenge. Instead, I’m going to sign myself up and post the pictures to  twitter every day.  I do really want to blog about this challenge, though, so I’m going to do that, too. I’m not sure exactly how often I’ll post, and I might not post every picture, but for now, I’ll shoot for once a week.

Why I want to do this:

I’m happy. I’m not doing this because I need to find ways to be happy. However, it’s sometimes too easy to focus on things that make me unhappy or stressed and overlook things that make me happy. I’d like to use this challenge to shift my focus and get more joy out of all the things in my life that make me smile.

I hope you enjoy following my 100 Happy Days!

*A note about the twitter posting: I’m choosing twitter specifically because I do not normally post to twitter (twice ever, and I’ve had it for over a year), and I don’t have any followers. I don’t want to subject my facebook friends (or blog followers for that matter) to one of these posts every single day, so twitter seemed like a good alternative. If however, for some reason, you do want to follow me on twitter, you are more than welcome: @magicjello729.


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