Spring 1/2 Training: Taper Week

It’s been a wonderful holiday weekend, and it’s not over yet! It’s Patriots’ Day, and the elite women take off in just about a half hour! Here’s to a smooth running of the race, and with any luck, an American winner!

This week I’ve been tapering for my race. Two weeks suddenly feels long, but I’m looking forward to having some nice rested legs for the race. This week felt a little boring, I seem to have become hooked on running 5 days a week. Here’s how the week went:

  • Monday:  Rest. Abs, Stretching, Foam Rolling 
  • Tuesday:  4 mile easy run. (9:48/mile)
2014-04-18 17.24.39

What run doesn’t need a cannon?

  • Wednesday: 30 minute Tempo Run (Average 9:15/mile), Abs, Stretching, Foam Rolling
  • Thursday:  Rest…Totally forgot I was even supposed to do Abs.
  • Friday: Easy 3 miles. Stretching and foam rolling. Abs? What abs?
2014-04-18 16.59.40

All purple-y and ready to go!

  • Saturday: Rest day. Considered going for an unscheduled short run, but Jeff reminded me that I’m tapering. It didn’t take much convincing, and I rested like a good little runner. 
  • Sunday: A long run has become an Easter morning tradition. It makes stuffing myself with chocolate chip brownie waffles a little easier. It also felt nice to get moving after overeating at Passover last night.
2014-04-20 10.01.01

Beautiful morning. 

2014-04-20 12.10.05

Another kind of beautiful.

This is how I did on my goals last week:

  1. Long Run: 6 miles Check!
  2. Speed Work – 30 min tempo Check!
  3. Easy Runs: (2) – 3 mile + 4 mile Check!
  4. Strength – 30-day Ab Challenge –Missed some days
  5. Stretch & Foam Roll – 4 times Check!

Turns out I’m pretty good at tapering, and I will continue this week. My plan is to reduce intensity along with the mileage. Goal: Get to the start line feeling like a caged beast! 

Here’s what’s up for this week:

  1. Easy Runs: (3) – 4, 3, 2 miles
  2. Foam Roll – 3 times
  3. Stretch – 5 times
  4. Strength – 3 times
  5. RACE!!!

Have a great week, and enjoy Marathon Monday! And Dyngus Day, if that’s your thing. 🙂



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