The Friday 5 – 7th Edition

I hope you’re having a lovely Friday! Here are five things:

1. I bought a training plan. I’ve never paid for a training program before. I felt a little silly because there are so many free ones online (that I have had success with), but this one seemed special. IT’S LIKE A GAME!!!  It’s called LevelUp. I ran Level 1 this week as a way to ease back into running after the half, and it’s been pretty good. I’ll go into more detail when I’ve been at it a little longer.

This is my training plan. Seriously, could running get more fun?

2. I registered for my second test. This one is all about Financial Mathematics. I like the topic so far, and I got to buy another calculator. My study schedule is a little aggressive, but things are going alright so far. 

3. My Sister’s Having a BABY! I can’t believe it! My little sister is having a baby NEXT WEEK! (Well, she’s due next week…we’ll see what happens). Can’t wait to meet my new little niece or nephew. 🙂

Next time we're together there will be a little person in the picture with us!

Next time we’re together there will be a little person in the picture with us!

4. I am not the kind of person that will pee my pants for a race time. I’ve read about people doing this or wondering whether they would. For me, there is no question, I would not pee my pants for a time. Not even for a BQ. 

5. I got new sneakers, again! I like to alternate between two pairs of sneakers. I hear it makes your sneakers last longer if you give them 36 hours between runs. And, also, I think switching between two pairs of sneakers is fun. Same shoes, different colors:

2014-05-07 16.01.29

Only a few more hours until the weekend. Have a good one!


And, I just HAVE to ask, would you pee your pants for a race time? 


14 thoughts on “The Friday 5 – 7th Edition

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m sorry, I love running and I love PRing, but I’d rather not make it a P(ee)R. See what I did there? 😉 Seriously though, that’s craziness.

    • Haha…for some reason, I thought maybe you’d consider it. Like maybe you’d only be 98% sure that you wouldn’t do it. I think you’re hardcore with all your running races with bronchitis and other sicknesses. 🙂

  2. Definitely no P(ee)R for me either … I know guys can basically go anywhere … but uh, I like to have a little more decorum when I can! 🙂

    And that race plan looks great, reminds me of candyland … just hope you don’t get stuck in the molasses swamp 🙂

    • Ha! I’ll watch out for the molasses swamp. Technically, you’re not supposed to “level up” unless you get enough points, so it’s definitely possible to get stuck!

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