#100HappyDays – Days 64 – 70

Another week on the happy days challenge:

Day 64: Fancy Cupcakes There are perks to living down the street from the cupcake cafe. 

2014-05-17 20.46.35-1

Day 65: Planning for my next knitting project What do I want my knit blanket to look like?

2014-05-18 21.11.49-1

Day 66: I’m an Aunt (x2) My sister had her baby. Now I have two little nieces.

2014-05-19 21.03.54-1

Day 67: Working on my board game Some day I might be finished with this one. 

2014-05-20 16.27.56

Day 68: Nice day for a walk I like taking walks.

2014-04-03 18.21.46

Day 69: Amy’s Mac ‘n Cheese This frozen mac ‘n cheese is so good. Better than what you can get in some restaurants.

2014-05-22 17.29.26

Day 70: Finished a knitting project. It’s a little big, but I’m ready for winter (just a tad early).

2014-05-23 19.30.10


 I forgot to post to twitter once/maybe twice this week, and I also forgot to tag happy days challenge once. You’d think I’d have this routine down by day 70, but apparently not.




4 thoughts on “#100HappyDays – Days 64 – 70

  1. I have forgotten to post a couple times too, but I am pretty good at remembering to think about what makes me happy. Actually posting and taking the pic is the challenge.

    • Yes, exactly, it’s the picture and the posting that’s the hard part. I routinely think, “oh, this could be my happy thing today”, more than once during the day.

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