Throwback Thursday – My 1st Year Running

Yesterday was national running day. I celebrated by going for my normally scheduled run, and buying a pair of compression socks at half price. The run was intervals, a toughie, but I enjoyed it, and today is a rest day!

2014-06-04 20.02.20

Hittin’ the beach for running day!


If you’ve been following along with my Throwback Thursday posts, you’ll remember that last week I talked about how I started running. At first it wasn’t much, just a little time on the treadmill after using the elliptical or arc trainer.  I continued like this for quite a while, adding more running time as it became easier. The gym I belonged to after I graduated college was always VERY busy, and sometimes all the ellipticals and arc trainers were taken, so I was forced (in a way) to add in some running only workouts.

Even though it wasn’t my choice at first, these treadmill only workouts soon became my norm. At the time I was attempting to go to the gym 3 days a week after work for about an hour. When I switched over from elliptical/arc trainer to treadmill, I wasn’t able to run for that entire time. I would spend 10 minutes walking to warm up, and 10 minutes walking to cool down, and I’d also take walk breaks during my run when I needed them – not necessarily on a schedule.

Over time, I took less and less walk breaks, and my warm up and cool down walks shortened. I remember the first time I ever ran 5 miles without stopping. It was so exciting! Every time I wanted to stop, I just slowed WAY down and eventually I felt better and could speed up again. I don’t have anything against walk breaks, but seeing how far I could run without stopping made me feel strong. I still use this “slow way down” tactic whenever I’m tuckered out, but am afraid that I won’t start up again if I take a walk break. I tell/let myself run as slow as possible, and eventually things tend to turn around.

By the end of my first year of running, I would regularly run/walk 5 miles on the treadmill every time I went to the gym (maybe 3 times per week). I didn’t pay much attention to my times, and I NEVER ran outside, but around this time, the idea of running a race started to worm it’s way into my brain. And that’s what you’ll hear about on my next Throwback Thursday post.

I don’t have a good picture to go along with this post, so here’s one of my sister and me when we were little. It’s applicable because I’ll be seeing her today! Yay!

2014-06-04 11.09.51


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – My 1st Year Running

  1. I feel the same way about walk breaks – nothing against them, and I take them often, but I love to see how far I can *run* without stopping. It makes me feel more badass knowing I ran a set distance without having to walk.

    Great tbt picture! 🙂

    • I usually have at least one walk break in my longs runs, and I take them more in the summer. I think they’re the only reason I survived marathon long runs last august! Yes, it would have been awesome to do an 18 miler without walking, but it’s also pretty awesome to do an 18 miler without tripping over a crack in the sidewalk (totally happened w/ out walk breaks). 🙂

    • I feel much better about them if I have a plan of attack. If I know I’m going to take them and for how long and when. If they aren’t planned, I feel more like it’s a failure, even though it isn’t.

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