#100HappyDays – Days 71 – 77

Another week on the happy days challenge, I’m really getting close.

Day 71: Replacement fitbit Look what came in the mail!  Now, back to tracking steps, and other things.

2014-05-24 12.08.06

It was not easy to take a picture of my wrist.

Day 72: My first trail run We got a little lost, but I still had a blast!

2014-05-25 09.29.33

Day 73: Mini Golf We live near the best mini golf place. And, I won! And then Jeff got a hole in one on the last hole and won a free game.

2014-05-26 08.54.36

Best mini golf! I mean, it has a tree house! Need I say more?

Day 74: Knitting Juggling balls This is a fun, and quick little knitting project. 

2014-05-25 18.15.00

Day 75: Running through Beverly Common It’s not huge, but it’s a nice little park to run through. The gravel paths are a nice change, too.

2014-05-28 19.52.08

Day 76: Finished a set of 6 juggling balls I love them!

2014-05-29 21.33.45

Day 77: New Jeans!  I don’t really like clothes shopping (unless we’re talking running clothes), but every once in a while I need to get some new duds or I’d be walking around with holes in my clothes. 2014-05-31 10.54.57

100 days is a loooong time to remember to take a picture every single day! And then post to twitter. I’m glad I’m coming up on the home stretch.