Scavenger Hunt!

I recently read a post on a (new to me) running blog about a running photo scavenger hunt. I immediately thought it sounded like tons of fun and wanted to do my own! Originally, I was going to create my own hunt list, but as I started to do so I found that I was picking things that I knew I’d be able to find (ahem, that’s cheating).

Instead, I compiled a master list from a number of sources:

  • Fairytales & Fitness: This blog created the list from the post I read. I’m now following their blog, because it sounds like fun!
  • Runner Girls Podcast:  They did several scavenger hunts along w/ their 3rd season of their show. I haven’t listened to their podcast (I’m not in a podcast groove right now), but it sounds pretty good from their website.
  • Pintrest: As you may have guessed, there are a bajillion lists for scavenger hunts on pintrest.

I don’t really know how much structure this game is going to have, but to start, I randomly chose 5 items from the master list and am giving myself one week of running to find them. I also made up some other rules because that is how I roll.  If you’d like to join in the fun, find some things, and share some pictures of what you find, I’d love it!

I really only insist on number 5. If you want to drop your phone all over the place, it’s totally your decision. 🙂 (please ignore my spelling errors)

I think I might create some kind of points system, but no need to get too complicated right from the start. And, now, with no further ado, here’s what we will be hunting for this week. The random number generator selected numbers: 114, 3, 23, 71, & 1 from my master list. :

HuntList1Good luck on your hunt! Have fun! And let me know if you’re playing along!