Party Time: 30 by 30!

Today’s a special day folks! It’s my BIRTHDAY! And like any 5 year old mature adult, I’m super excited…because, I’M 30!!!

I’ve recently started to notice lists of things you must do in your twenties or things to do before X age. Particularly, I’ll notice people making their own lists (like Phoebe, from Friends). It’s great to have goals, but for me this would be super stressful and a recipe for a giant let down on my birthday. Who wants to spend the day lamenting trips they didn’t take, concerts they missed, skills they never learned?

Instead I decided to make a list of 30 things I DID do before 30, and it was a really easy and fun list to make! I’d highly recommend making your own list on your birthday, or whenever.

Now, in no particular order:

  1. Ran a Marathon (running blog…obviously this one had to go on the list.)
  2. Hiked a Mountain
  3. Fell in Love and Got Married
  4. Learned to Knit
  5. Went to a Rodeo!



  6. Graduated College
  7. Became a Professional Engineer
  8. Ran an Obstacle Race (Another shout out to the whole running blog world!)
  9. Earned a Varsity Letter (Soccer)
  10. Had an Awesome Halloween Costume (several actually)

    2014-07-28 18.06.48

    That (scary) clown was probably so jealous!

  11. Visited Ireland
  12. Went to Disney World
  13. Bowled a 222
  14. Voted for President
  15. Rode in a Hot Air Balloon


    This was sooo cool!

  16. Visited a Lighthouse (or 1,000…thanks mom!)
  17. Saw Niagara Falls (more times than I can count.)
  18. Built a Muppet (or two)
  19. Learned to Juggle
  20. Graduated from Clown School

    2014-07-28 18.22.51

    Bubbles the Clown, folks! I juggle, make balloon animals, and know how to put on clown make-up and nose that won’t easily come off!

  21. Traveled to France
  22. Saw George Carlin (Live!)
  23. Pulled an All Nighter (multiple times)
  24. Bought Harry Potter 7 at midnight when it was released.
  25. Went to SARStock

    2014-07-28 18.06.15

    AC/DC, Rolling Stones, The Guess Who, Rush….this was just unbelievable!

  26. Became an Auntie (x2)
  27. Memorized (and forgot) all the American Presidents and their terms
  28. Played Handbells on the soundtrack for a movie.
  29. Had a Monkey come to my birthday party!
  30. Played “Wanna buy a Duck?” in Duck, NC while wearing Duck PJs

“Of course it quacks, dummy, it’s a duck.”

Not too shabby! I’m so lucky I’ve had all these great experiences, and I look forward to many, many more!

Aside from being a birthday post, this post is special for another reason. It’s my 100th post! Isn’t it funny how that works out? (Okay, full disclosure: I noticed on Friday that if I timed it right, my 100th post could be today, but I really didn’t do anything special to make that happen.)

Well, I’m off to eat ice-cream and listen to Captain Zoom sing me my personalized birthday song, Happy July 29th!

Do you have a list to complete by a certain birthday? Have you done all the things on my list? 


8 thoughts on “Party Time: 30 by 30!

  1. Happy birthday!! And what a great idea… I’ve been hesitant to make a “X by X” list for the same reason you gave – I was worried it would be a recipe for disappointment! But I love this idea of making a list of things you already did… I may have to steal that for my 30th 😉 Also, that Campbell’s soup costume is amazing.

    • I highly recommend the list, it was really fun! I don’t actually remember the Campbell’s soup costume (I was 4), but my mom tells me I couldn’t bend my knees so she had to lift me up the front steps of every house I trick or treated at! haha

  2. Happy birthday! What a fun list. I don’t believe in doing certain things by a certain age. I DO WHAT I WANT. Seriously, though, it’s too much pressure. I do have an overall bucket list of things I’d like to do and see before I kick it, but otherwise I don’t like to have time constraints.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! I like the bucket list idea, but even that I’m hesitant about. But the reason I shy away from that one is that I think I’d put too many things on it…I wouldn’t know when to stop! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great list. I’ve always wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon. And I hear you about the presidents! Every time I have them memorized, I forget them about a month later X_X

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! The hot air balloon was wild. The views were cool, but the neatest thing was thinking about how it was this tiny little basket attached to a balloon holding you up!

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