Scavenger Hunt {2}

Last week, I decided to start doing some scavenger hunts on my easy runs (check out this post, if you need more background info). I thought it sounded like a lot of fun, and I was really hoping it would help me go easier on my easy runs. It’s only been one week, but so far…success on both fronts!

My list of 5 items included:

A Shovel

2014-07-30 07.08.01

That yellow thing under the steps is the shovel….I promise.

A Green Lawn

2014-07-30 07.02.46

No shortage of these this time of year.

An Out-of-Season Decoration

Its a little glare-y, but icicle lights! Also, this pizza place is under new management and I’m excited to try it.

A Pond

2014-08-01 08.15.56

It’s called Shoe Pond, in case you were wondering.

A Bench

2014-07-30 06.47.30

Multiple benches because I am an over-achiever.

I think I did pretty good. The Shovel and Out-of-Season Decoration were the two tricky ones, but neither managed to allude me! The pond is one I regularly run by on my long runs, so I didn’t even have to alter my running routes to see it.

I had a good time on the hunt, so I’m doing it again this week. This time, the random number generator selected numbers: 29, 70, 39, 51, & 20¬†from my master list, leaving us to find:

HuntList2I’m not really sure how I’m going to get a picture of #4. If I spot a pair of these, I imagine they will be moving along too quickly to snap a photo. Perhaps I need to get my own orange running shoes?

Feel free to join in the hunt! (the “rules”)

If you joined in last week, how did you do on your Scavenger Hunt?