Week in Review [7/27 – 8/3]

Another fun week of running… 

This week’s highlights:

1.)  I ran my easy run on Wednesday at a pace that actually felt easy! My easy runs do not have specific pace criteria, instead, I aim to: feel like I could run forever, be able to speak in full sentences without gasping for breath, and stop and take pictures of fun things I see.

2014-07-28 09.49.33

Monday it rained. I did not run. I’m not hard core or beast mode or whatever we’re calling it these days.

 2.) I did speed work on my birthday, and as a present to me, Jeff ran with me! It was tough – turns out 1200m repeats are hard. After the second one, we walked the recovery intervals, and that helped us stick with it for all 6 intervals. Later, I noticed that the second interval was our fastest…no wonder that one felt particularly difficult. 

2014-07-28 17.37.22

Which one of these is intervals? Just Kidding, intervals don’t come all wrapped up!

3.) My definition of cross training: any physical activity or combination of activities that is not running and lasts for at least 30 minutes. I’m getting better at it! I kayaked, and continued on with Kinetic Revolution. I also added some Wii Fit in there. No, it’s not terribly intense, but it’s also not nothing…score! 

2014-08-02 16.11.51

We walked by the Hale House on Saturday. It’s really old (16??). Rev. Hale apparently was responsible for putting a stop to the witch hunting in Beverly. And that’s why all the crazies go to the next town over on Halloween. (Salem)

4.) I ran a 10k on Sunday. Recap – coming soon to a blog near you!

2014-08-03 07.52.14

Ready to race!


And the numbers:

  • Monday:  Cross Training ::: Day 2 Kinetic Revolution, and Wii fit
  • Tuesday:  1200m intervals, 3 min recovery ::: 6 miles ::: 10:30/mile (~9/mile on intervals) ::: Day 3 Kinetic Revolution
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes easy – Scavenger Hunt! ::: 3.7 miles ::: 11:25/mile
  • Thursday:  Rest Day
  • Friday: Long Run ::: 15.5 miles ::: 11:12/mile
  • Saturday: Cross Training ::: Long Walk 
  • Sunday: Bridge & Back 10k

 How was your week last week?