Scavenger Hunt {3}

Second scavenger hunt! I had fun again, and the search entertained me on my (slow) easy run.

My list of 5 items included:

A car in disrepair


A rose bush

Guess who doesn”t know for sure what a rose bush looks like! Hint: it”s me

A ladder

2014-08-06 07.11.37

I can no longer use an apostrophe in photo captions….or parentheses. Any one else have this problem? I will now be using a ” as an apostrophe. FYI.


2014-08-06 06.39.17

Do beach runners run with shoes on or off? Do they get sand in them? I would get sand in them. I would hate that. I”d rather just look at the sand. [notice the ” in place of an apostrophe…also no parentheses]

A pair of orange running shoes


Totally saw these, but couldn’t get a photo, (OMG the apostrophe and parentheses started working!!) so I recreated them with this fancy paint picture.

As long as I’m enjoying myself, I’ll keep this up. This time, the random number generator selected numbers: 21, 90, 10, 89, & 17¬†from my master list. Actually, the random number generator picked 3 numbers we’ve already had, so I re-picked those…crazy, right? But, anyways, we’ll be looking for:

I thought it would be pretty easy, until…HORSE. Where am I going to see a horse? (Really, where?)

Feel free to join in the hunt! (the “rules”)

If you joined in last week, how did you do on your Scavenger Hunt? Where can I find a horse?