Scavenger Hunt {4}

Third week of scavenger hunting went well. I saw most of my items within the firs half mile, and had a lot of options of what to snap pictures of. And then there was the horse…good thing I live near some weirdo who…well, you’ll see. 🙂

My list of 5 items included:

An American Flag

A Traffic Light

Something Pink

I”m reading a book {it”s fiction} that said new england houses are “dismal”…tell that to this purple house w/ pink flamingos!

A Horse

Yes, I do live in Medieval Europe.

A Fire Hydrant

I’m totally into this for my easy runs, so here we go for round 4! The random number generator selected numbers: 14, 97, 120, 61, & 39 from my master list. So, we’ll be looking for:


I’m glad some of you have been playing along! It’s been fun checking out what everyone else has found. If you haven’t been scavenger hunting, feel free to join in the hunt!

If you joined in last week, how did you do on your Scavenger Hunt? 


13 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt {4}

    • I had no idea how I was going to find a horse, and then I remembered that I run by a house with a crazy knight in t he yard…haha. It’s funny how after time even strange things blend in.

  1. Got the horse, hydrant, traffic light and something pink in one run. Couldn’t find the flag. I’ll write about my scavenger hunt successes next week. This week I had a race to focus on 🙂

  2. Nice!! I did awful this week… I only got the flag and something pink. I did see all 5 items, but only went running once and it didn’t feel right to take the pictures of things while I wasn’t running. Hopefully I’ll do better this week!

    • That’s not too bad considering you only ran once. Was it a real live horse? I’ve been hoping someone saw a live horse…for some reason. 🙂

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