So long, Scavenger Hunt…for now

I’m finally getting my photos up from my last scavenger hunt! I haven’t been hunting continuously for two and a half weeks, I just got a little lazy about posting the final photos.

Before you check out my results, I have a confession to make. When I created this final list, I cheated a little. I decided to throw out one of the items that was randomly chosen and pick again. The item was a Santa Hat, and it was replaced by Disney Lawn Ornament. My reasoning was that we’d already had “Christmas Lights” and “Out of Season Decoration” and I wanted something easier and “new” to find.

I was wrong; by doing that, I’m convinced that I jinxed myself!

I had a tough time finding a bunch of these items, especially the Disney Lawn Ornament, and you can tell that from my pictures. I did however, within the first half mile of my Scavenger Hunt Run, run by a Santa Hat. Argh! I then ran by the same Santa Hat three more times throughout the week. (Someone had put a box of junk to the curb and a Santa Hat was sitting right on top!). I feel like the universe was laughing at me.

Here’s what I did find:

A Disney Lawn Ornament

Half points? A quarter?

When I spotted Olive Oyl, I was 98% sure that Popeye was not a Disney owned cartoon. I thought that it could be possible, since Disney owns a lot of things (including the Muppets), but I really didn’t think I’d found a Disney character. Since then, I did a quick internet search and found that while Disney doesn’t own Popeye, they did produce the live action Popeye movie with Robin Williams in 1980. So, with all those qualifications…..this counts, right?

A Running Trail

2014-08-30 07.42.24

This is a walking path, but is the closest I could get. It feels “trail-like” to me, and I run on it, so I snapped a picture. 

A Water Bottle

2014-08-30 07.15.18

Could not believe how many crushed water, soda, gatorade bottles are left on the side of the road.

A Curvy Slide

2014-08-25 08.31.47

This is barely a curvy slide. I saw at least 4 of these, where did all the really curvy slides go?

Neon Clothing

2014-08-30 07.00.38

One day I decided to wear calf sleeves on my long run. I had a good run (probably unrelated) and now I must wear them for every long run.

And there you have it, the end of this series of Scavenger Hunts. I had a good time doing them, but I didn’t want it to start feeling like an obligation. I still have my master list and will probably “host” more hunts in the future. I just need a little break, so things don’t get stale.

I’m glad some of you played along! I enjoyed seeing everyone’s interpretations of the lists, and I hope you had fun while doing it.


7 thoughts on “So long, Scavenger Hunt…for now

  1. I totally just posted about running scavenger hunts and how I usually can’t participate since I don’t live in a normal town! You should try out my version next week 🙂

  2. Nice!! And dude… your scavenger hunt, your rules/your call on rules 😉 Some of those were hard to find and I think the ways you stretched to find something were pretty clever! And the whole Santa hat thing did make me laugh… haha figures!

    • I saw a rather large disney lawn ornament today on a route I run every single week. I don’t know how I missed it before…it was the santa hat curse, I think. 🙂

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