Runnin’ with the Devil!

I hope you all are having a Happy Halloween! I don’t have any big plans for tonight. We live in a building that doesn’t get trick or treaters, and I don’t intend to go out even though I live 5 minutes away from probably the biggest Halloween party in the country (Salem, MA). I’m just not really into crowds, or staying up past 10 PM. (Can you say party animal?)

But I do enjoy Halloween. We’ve decorated the house, and I have some much more low key plans for today/tonight:

1.) Candy! I bought some last night at the grocery store, and I plan on eating fun size chocolate bars throughout the day. I’ve also really been looking forward to candy corn and peanuts ever since the candy corn started showing up on store shelves in August. (Recipe: Mix together candy corn and peanuts in a one to one ratio, then enjoy!)

2.) Costumes! Even though I don’t like parties, I still like getting dressed up. How’d I do? Can you even tell who’s who?

amyfarrahfowler compare

Amy Farrah Fowler (from The Big Bang Theory)

3.) Scary Movies – We recently watched The Conjuring and that was really good. We still have to pick one for tonight though. Any suggestions? 

One thing I won’t be doing this Halloween, but have had a blast with in the past, is the Devil’s Chase in Salem, MA. I’ve run it three times and it has quickly become one of my favorite holiday races. Unfortunately, I’ve missed the race the last two years because it’s fallen on the same weekend as a goal race. (Niagara Falls Marathon last year, Cape Cod Marathon this year.)


Let’s go running!

In honor of it being Halloween, I’ll give you a quick run down of what I love about the Devil’s Chase:

1.) It’s a Holiday Race: Really, I know no better way to celebrate than by running. This race in particular is good because it gets me into Salem around Halloween without having to deal with all the Hullabaloo.

2.) Everyone Dresses as a Devil: Okay, not everyone. What I mean is that this isn’t a costume race, it’s a Devil’s Chase, so there are hundreds of devils running around the streets of Salem. It’s funny. And there are some creative costumes, like deviled eggs or Devil Dogs.

3.) It Has a Theme Song: It’s not official, but I can’t think of a better way to get pumped than by listening to Runnin’ With the Devil on repeat on the drive to the race.

4.) It’s 6.66 miles: I like this; it’s quirky. How often do you run 6.66 miles? They also auction off bib no. 666 and proceeds go to charity. 

5.) You have to Dress up to Win: So even the super fast runners are devils. This is genius in my opinion.

6.) Candy: I don’t know why candy isn’t a more popular post race food. It’s delicious. 

2012-10-27 07.33.51

I’m way too happy for a devil, but Jeff has the right idea.

Have you ever run in costume? What are you going to be for Halloween this year?


10 thoughts on “Runnin’ with the Devil!

    • I’m not going to lie, this was probably one of my best costumes in terms on how easy it was compared to how well it turned out. Happy Halloween!

  1. Your BBT costume is awesome! I’ve never run Ina costume, I’m not sure I could do much more than a 5k in one though. I was a witch for Halloween this year. However, when I take my daughter out tonight, I’m just wearing the hat.

    • Costume running is tricky, the first year I did this race I ran in indoor soccer shoes because they looked better than my regular sneakers, but that wasn’t a great idea. Even though I used to run in them all the time playing soccer, my feet were hurting by the end of 6.66 miles. Lesson learned!

    • Haha! I love your pun! Running in costume is a good time, but I don’t know how people can do it for entire marathons in gorilla suits and what not.

  2. My daughter was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas this year and requested that I be Jack so that’s what I was. 🙂 It was probably my favorite costume ever only because she looked so awesome and trick or treating was a blast.

    I have run in costume once, but it was for St. Paddy’s. And I was miserable. Never again!

    • That sounds like a great costume! I bet you both looked great. I’ve only ever run in costume in this devil’s chase, and it’s not super easy. I certainly don’t want to do it on a regular basis.

  3. This comment is a delayed reaction, but I love your costume! Hard to tell who’s who! 😉 The Devil Chase run sounds hilarious, especially with devil dogs and things running around! Apart from wearing silly headbands I’ve never really dressed up for a race, but I’m running a Jingle Bell run in December and a friend is trying to coordinate costumes, so it might happen!

    Have you ever seen the movie Session 9? It’s set locally (Danvers) and is a total psychological spookfest. At least it was for me! 🙂

    • I did see session 9! It was creepy. I wonder where exactly the psych hospital is/was. The jingle bell run sounds fun. I’ve done a couple of those, but have switched to a reindeer run the last few years.

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