I’m Knot Crazy!

After reading a review of Lock Laces last week, I got to thinking about how I lace and tie my running shoes. For years, I’ve been fascinated with different methods for lacing shoes (not just the running variety), and my favorite thing to do when getting a new pair of sneakers is to remove the laces and sit on the couch with both shoes. I usually choose two lacing methods, lace up the shoes, and pick the one that tickles my fancy. I’ve also been known to lace other people’s (Jeff’s) new sneakers, but he usually request that I lace them in the traditional manner. What can I say, I just genuinely enjoy lacing shoes. (ahem…weirdo). So, when I read about shoelaces the other day, I got all excited.

Let’s talk about how I tie my running shoes. I use a modified double knot. I’m not sure where I picked this up, but since I’ve been using it, I’ve had no problems with my shoes coming untied on the run (unless I forget to do it). I call it a modified double knot because it’s not the same as your traditional double knot, with the main advantage (in my opinion) being the ease of untying. Double knotting can be tricky to get untied, but this one is much better in that department.

So, here’s how I do it (I apologize for the horribly inadequate and unclear explanation):

2014-11-17 19.13.51

Start tying your shoe like normal.


2014-11-17 19.14.03

Still normal.

2014-11-17 19.14.14

Instead of pulling it tight, stick your second loop (on the right) under, around, and through the hole a second time. (Does that make sense?)




And the untying:

2014-11-17 19.14.41

Pull one end (not too hard, though)


2014-11-17 19.14.50

Pull the other end, and voi-la!


Now that we’ve got that explained, let’s talk about lacing the shoes. Here’s a magnificent website that has more ways to lace shoes that one would ever need to know: Ian’s Shoelace Site. It’s amazing, and my go to for choosing a method to lace my non-running shoes.

Normally, I choose to go with traditional lacing for my running shoes. The fancy lacing methods aren’t necessarily ideal for running, but there is one specific lacing method I do like for running. It’s called lock lacing. It’s not very fancy, but it does keep your laces tight and holds your foot in place in your shoe. The main reason I don’t always use it is because it requires a longer shoe lace. But if you have trouble with your shoe laces staying tight and your foot staying put, you can find standard shoelaces in many different lengths for pretty cheap.

You can see step by step directions on Ian’s Site, but in case you wanted to follow along with me:

2014-11-17 19.16.03

Lace up like normal, leaving the last eyelet (hole) empty.


2014-11-17 19.17.25

Feed lace through the last eyelet on the same side.


2014-11-17 19.17.47

Feed lace through the loop you just created. And Ta-da!


Any other lacing enthusiasts out there?

Do you tie your shoes like me?

Can you follow along with my instructions? I have a feeling they’re pretty awful.



6 thoughts on “I’m Knot Crazy!

  1. I’m going to have to give your methods a try. We are actually getting ready to teach our 4 year old to tie her shoes. My husband does it completely different then I do, so I’m sure it will be entertaining!

    • My husband and I tie our shoes differently, too! I (obviously) think my method is better, but his would be easier to teach, I think. I guess that’s how you decide which method your daughter learns. 🙂

  2. Like you new theme! I do have my laces done a “fancy” way to keep my foot in place. My PT did it though. Whenever I get new shoes I’ll probably make an appointment for her to do my laces again. 🙂

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