Monday, Monday

Ugh…it’s Monday. Monday’s are the worst, aren’t they?  Fortunately, I’ve got some good reasons to be excited for this Monday. Last week, I ordered myself some goodies, and they’re all (magically) scheduled to come today! As long as I make it through the work day, I’ll have some exciting new toys to play with. 🙂

One thing I’m getting is a new heart rate monitor! Hooray!! This one is worn on your arm, and I am so psyched. The chest strap is driving me bonkers. I hate it. I’m really enjoying heart rate training, but the chest strap is so so annoying. So I did lots of research and found a heart rate monitor worn on your arm that had pretty good reviews and works with the garmin. If I can get it to connect quickly, I’ll be able to run with it tonight!


2015-03-15 07.21.20


My other new “toy” coming tonight is a brand new pair of Newton Gravity sneakers! This is thrilling!

Last fall I bought a pair of limited edition Gravitys that are bright orange, and I love everything about them. Unfortuntely, when I went to purchase a second pair a month ago, they were out of my size, and the normal version came in a hideous pink color. Think pepto bismal. So, I waited, hoping they would release the 2015 models and the colors would be awesome.

Well, they did… And the 2015 model is also neon orange! Yes! I could not be more thrilled. AND, I had a gift card. So, I didn’t even feel guilty buying the brand new model instead of shopping around for a cheaper pink pair.

So, yeah…I guess Monday isn’t always so bad. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

    • It’s my favorite piece of gear to replace! I always have a “we’re in this together” feeling about my sneakers that doesn’t apply to socks or sorts. Haha.

  1. I may have splurged and bought myself some shamrock compression socks today… that definitely made my Monday better 😉

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