Thank Goodness it’s FINALLY Thursday

This week has felt extraordinarily long. Work has been super busy, and with studying and commuting, the days are very full. Tonight we took a little field trip after work and stopped at Wegman’s on the way home. I get very excited when I can find some Buffalo specialties in MA.

2015-06-18 21.07.07

Super psyched to see Bison dip, especially since we’re in charge of chips for Father’s day lunch.

I’m taking study time tomorrow, so I’ll be spending part of my usual commute time sleeping in…woo!

Now, onto the post I wrote this morning but didn’t publish because our internet was down….

I did better at running this morning than yesterday. It was still a painful struggle to get out of bed and my body is still convinced it would rather be sleeping than running (this will change eventually, right?), but I did it. And I covered 2 miles today, beating yesterday’s 1.5. These are the mileage totals you like to see before a 10 miler, right? Ha!

The weather this morning was perfect for running…at least there’s that. And, as usual, I cruised by the beach and it was wonderfully beautiful.

2015-06-08 05.38.46

Not from today. I didn’t stop to take a picture because I thought I post too many of these. Oh, well, guess I changed my mind about that.

While running this past weekend, I made a discovery. There’s a new bakery opening really really close to my house. Yay! (We are actually moving in about a month, but the bakery will be open before we go, so hooray!). I probably won’t stop in on my way home from a long run, but I totally could.

Well actually, maybe I WILL stop in on my way home from a long run. I think I’d like to be the kind of person that runs ten miles and then buys a cupcake to eat while walking the last 10th of a mile to her front door.

2015-06-18 06.01.04

I took a picture this morning, in case you didn’t believe me.

Have you ever stopped for baked goods at the end of a run? Would you if you ran buy a bakery?

Okay….it’s time to sit in traffic! Have a wonderful Thursday! The weekend is so close I can taste it!


Fakin’ It

I better keep the ball rolling with these blog posts if I don’t want to pull another disappearing act.

So, I run in the mornings now. My legs, lungs, and brain all hate it, but it works better logistically, so I’ve been trying to become a “morning person”. Fake it, till you make it…that’s my motto.

2015-05-14 05.51.58

This looks all nice now, but that sun is BRIGHT. And, when I’m half asleep, I don’t remember sunglasses. I’m lucky that I remember sneakers.

For the 3 or 4 weeks I’ve been doing this, I’ve been giving myself considerable slack. My only requirement for morning runs is that I go. It doesn’t matter how far I run or how fast, just that I do it. I’m hoping to step up my game eventually, but realistically that probably won’t happen until mid/late July.

Last night I slept pretty poorly. Jeff had to stay up late for work, and I woke up slightly when he came to bed at 1:40AM. Then, by a serious of unfortunate events, I did not really fall back asleep until sometime after 3:52. Shortly after coming to bed, Jeff got up again to turn off our white noise machine. In my half asleep state I saw he was out of bed, but figured he’d gone to the bathroom. When I rolled over and saw a man standing by the side of the bed (Jeff turning off the white noise machine), it scared me half to death!  Unfortunately before I was able to completely calm down from this shock, someones car alarm started going off. And it didn’t stop. So, I had to get up and turn the noise machine back on. All this activity, and I was AWAKE.

So when my alarm went off at 5:10, I didn’t want to get up and run. But I did manage to get up. I almost laid down on the couch in my full running gear and just not go, but I decided against that, too. Small victories. I ended up running probably a total of 1.5 miles, and spending the rest of the time just sitting looking out at the ocean.  Not my best effort, but at least I didn’t go back to sleep.

2015-06-17 05.42.20

Probably better than sleeping? I’m not sure.

Now, I’m going to go sit in traffic for at least an hour and a half…I mean, go to work.  Happy hump day!

What’s this? A blog post?!

Remember when I used to actually write in my running blog? Yeah, me too. I think it’s about time I got back to it, don’t you?

Let’s jump right back in! I’ve been training for a 10 mile race that’s coming up on 6/21. I’m not really in the best shape for racing, but I’ll be able to finish. And the training has served it’s purpose by getting me back in somewhat of a running groove. I signed up for it kind of on impulse because I was having trouble motivating myself to run. And sometimes, the fear of going into a long race unprepared is what I need for motivation.


I made up my own “loose” training plan, and have been following it pretty well. It has two rules:

1. Increase long run by 1 mile per week.

2. Run other times during the week.

I won’t be setting any records at the race, but it’s a pretty EASY plan to follow. 🙂

Whelp, that’s about all I have for you right now. One big reason I haven’t been writing is because I’ve been short on time, so if I’m going to get back into it, I’m going to have keep it short and sweet. So, if there’s anyone out there still following this blog, have a good night!