New blogging rule and BIG news!

Let’s just assume from now on that I am not going to post on a regular basis, and will therefore not bother with a “hey, long time no see” opening sentence. Hopefully, I’ll get back to a more regular/frequent blogging trend, but who knows when that will be, so from now on, I’ll just jump in as if I do this all the time.

And now, for some big news….I MOVED!

2015-07-25 12.36.36

Why do some signs say Southborough and some say Southboro? What’s up with this Massachusetts?

I suppose I’ve been keeping a secret from you all. In March Jeff and I started house shopping, a task that consumed most of my non-working, non-studying brain power. I didn’t really intentionally leave this out of the blog, but I was posting less, so wanted to keep my posts about running. Anyways…the (semi) short story is that we found a house in April, put in an offer which was accepted (yay!), but then it fell through (boo!). So, we continued our search while also working on getting our condo on the market (and working, studying, and occasionally running).

2015-06-28 14.42.17

There is of course a hidden fort behind this wall of boxes.

Then in May we found another house. An even better house that we liked even MORE. We put an offer in on this one and it was accepted (yay!) and didn’t fall through (Woo!).

In June we accepted an offer on the condo, in July we closed on the house and then moved in, and in August we closed on the condo, and that’s that! Well, there was a lot of driving between the two places, packing, unpacking, and cleaning going on in between, but you get the idea.

2015-07-25 11.24.35

The house came with stairs!

So this is my first post from the new house! 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t have any running things to talk about. I’m not injured or anything like that, don’t worry. I’m just a big wimp who is reluctant to run in a new place. I know, I know, it doesn’t make any sense; it’s just how I am. Running outside isn’t the baseline status quo for me. I started my running career on the treadmill, and never really ran outside (aside from a race) for the first 4 years. I don’t like having to figure out where to go or watch where I step, and I get lost easily. Very easily. So I haven’t been overly eager to get out there. Not to mention I’ve been getting in my fair share of physical activity with painting, cleaning, moving things, and unpacking.

2015-07-21 05.42.08

My last run on my normal running route. Ah, I’ll miss this view.

I’ll have to get out there sooner or later because I’m signed up for a half in October that’s going to require some training! Luckily, I’m also signed up to run the Kicking Butt for Crohn’s 5k with my sister in law which is NEXT Saturday, so I’ll definitely be running again soon.