New Year, New You

It’s a new year, and that can mean only one thing….it’s resolution season!

Ten bucks says you can’t guess even one of my resolutions…j/k! I’m sure you’ve figured out that blogging is on the list.

It’s been so long, I’m not sure I even remember how to do this.

Today, Jeff and I hiked around the state park for a little while. It’s getting a bit chilly out there, but hiking in Fall/Winter kicks summer hiking’s butt…there are no bugs, few people, and it’s not hot. Win, Win, Win!


I also rode the recumbent bike for the length of one episode of the Good Wife. (42ish minutes) I recently figured out that the 6th season is available on Amazon Prime, so I started re-watching the series. I’m currently on season 2. If it takes me long enough, maybe the 7th season will also be on Prime by the time I make it through all 6.

Between the hiking and the biking, we had one of my favorite lunches of all time…grilled cheese! Not my best grill job, but still delicious. With pickles, gold fish crackers, and root beer on the side. Then, I followed it up with a couple oreos because if you’re eating a kid lunch, you better do it right.

2016-01-03 13.23.41

I’ve been off work for two whole weeks now, and I have to go back to work tomorrow, and it is so totally depressing. You know those people that say they get bored when they’re off work doing nothing, or that feel refreshed and ready to jump back in after time off…..I am not one of them. If anyone has instructions on how to be one of those people, forward that along.

So the plan this week is to go to work and study, and just make it through to the weekend. Ideally, I’d also like to do some running, but let’s not set the bar too high. 🙂

Happy New Year!