Sharon Timlin 5k Race Recap

On Saturday I ran the 14th annual Sharon Timlin Memorial 5k Race to Cure ALS (well, that’s a mouthful!). It was my first 5k after having Mr. Baby, and only my second road race in that time. I didn’t technically train for this, but I haven’t ever done specific training for a 5k, so that’s nothing out of the norm.

The race was paid for through a program at my work, which is fantastic, but was a little weird this weekend. The last time I ran a race with the program, we all got matching t-shirts, and met up for a picture before the race. This time, there was no pre-race organizational email, and I didn’t end up seeing any other people from work at the race. I don’t actually mind not having a meet-up; I just felt like I had missed some communication.

Jeff stayed home to watch Mr. Baby and get the house together because we had plans to celebrate Father’s Day with his family at 11:30 (at our house). I’ve run races alone before (a lot actually), but I can probably count on one hand the number of races I’ve gone to alone, without Jeff or another friend or family member to spectate or run another distance. Honestly, it felt strange and was less fun this way. And it made waiting around for the race to start feel like FOREVER.

After getting my number, checking out the post race party area, and visiting the start line, I stopped back at my car to pin on my number and drop off my tshirt. I then took the long way back to the start line and lined up between the 9 and 10 minute per mile signs.  I really wasn’t expecting to go that fast, but directly behind the 10 minute sign was where the walkers and jogging strollers were lining up and I wanted NO part of that.


I had gotten to the race pretty early, and was in the corral about 20 min before race time, so the corral slowly filled up around me. I eavesdropped on conversations and took a few pictures for groups of runners around me, and then FINALLY the race started! It was pretty much right on time, but I’d been lined up for quite a while.  It took a minute or two to cross the start line, and then we were off!

My plan was to run “comfortably hard”, an effort level where during the last mile I would be eager to reach the finish line, but I wouldn’t be desperate to stop until the last quarter mile or so. I had no time goal in mind, and I forgot to wear my Garmin so I checked the time on my watch as I crossed the start so I would have some reference point during the race.

The first mile was mostly downhill, so even though I kept the weaving to a minimum and tried to settle into an even pace, I still finished that first mile fairly quickly (about 10 min according to my watch time). Mile 2 had a few hills and some flatter stretches. I haven’t been running very long distances lately, so in addition to the hills I was feeling that first mile and I slowed myself on the flatter sections so I would have enough left in the tank for mile 3.  


In the second half of Mile 2, I was getting tired and a bit cranky. People around me were starting to get on my nerves! There was a water stop where they were handing out water on both sides of the fairly narrow street, which made it difficult to run through the water station. There were jogging strollers catching up to the rest of the pack by this time and taking up a lot of space with their “wide loads”. Also, this point is where the many, many kids running the race were starting to poop out, and do things like abruptly stop in the middle of the street to take walk breaks. I also ran for a while near a lady who had external speakers playing music. I don’t care if you want to listen to music while you run, but why force everyone to listen to YOUR music? Ugh.

None of these things are out of the realm of what I’d expect for a race, but I was tired and OVER IT, so I was happy when I hit the next mile marker and only had a mile left to go. My watch said the second mile took about 11 minutes, which seemed spot on with the hills and other slow downs.  

The last mile of the race had a fair amount of twists and turns and some more downhills. I was feeling ready to be done for most of this last mile, so I really appreciated the downhills. With about a half mile to go I got a side stich which only made me more anxious to get to the finish line. When I turned the final corner and saw the finish line, I pushed myself to bring it in strong. I crossed with the timer reading 33 minutes, but forgot to check my own watch. I promptly got myself some water then headed to the after race party and grabbed a cookie and some yogurt before heading back to the car.

The after party seemed like a good one, but I didn’t stick around long since we were having guests. They were also holding a color run for kids that hadn’t started yet, but seemed like it was going to be a big hit.

All in all, I had a pretty good time at the race, and I would definitely do it again. But with other people. I don’t think I’m a solo 5k runner, at least not unless I have a specific goal.

In the end, my race time was posted as 32:59 which is a good time, but a little disappointing. This was the time on the clock when I crossed the finish line, but I definitely did not cross the starting line until at least a minute or two after the gun went off. I’ll take it, since it’s official, but I know I’m faster ☺

Tell me: Do you like to run races alone? Do other racers ever get on your nerves? And, what’s your favorite snack for them to give out post race? I took the yogurt for later, but the cookies were perfect!


Last Week Running: 1st Edition

In an effort to make my “week in review” posts a little more timely, I’m going to try something new by switching up the order! It seems like most running blogs I read have a standard formula of posting a workout review on Monday and some kind of brain dump on Friday. While I know this isn’t mandatory, it is nice to have some kind of schedule/direction, and Monday certainly feels like a good “recap” day.

Unfortunately, I just can’t maintain this schedule. Actually, I can’t really seem to maintain any type of blogging schedule. All I know is that I WANT to blog, the what/when/how isn’t really quite as clear. I also think it would be nice if I wasn’t posting weekly recaps that are more than a month old, but that might be setting the bar too high.

I’m hoping that by freeing myself from the idea of “mandatory Monday”, I’ll have an easier time. Now, with no further ado…The 1st Edition of “Last Week Running”

Saturday – I ran a 5k! (Recap coming soon!) It was my first road race in a while, and it was a pretty good time. After the race, we had my in-laws over for lunch to celebrate Father’s day.  That was also a pretty good time with some delicious bagels and Buffalo Wing Doritos. These were the last “events” in a very busy month, and after our guests left I was pretty happy to have the rest of the weekend to relax.

Sunday – We woke up with no plans and no guests, so since the weather was nice, we went for a family run. My legs were pretty sore so we took plenty of walk breaks! We ran to the playground at the local elementary school and took Mr. Baby out of the jogger to play for a bit. The playground is a bit old for him, but he enjoyed a “controlled” ride down the slide and some swinging on my lap. It was a great way to break up the run, but we should have brought water or gatorade…next time!

Monday – I decided to skip my run because my legs were still sore from Saturday. Originally, I was going to push the run to Tuesday, but then I just skipped it. 

Thursday – Speed Work, Week 2! I increased to 5x400m (well, .25 mi). My plan (that I made up) is to increase to 8 intervals and then start over at 4, at a faster speed. Right now my speed is 10 min/mile. This is much slower than I’ve ever run intervals before, but my other runs are all at the 11 – 12 min/mile range, so I don’t think it’s an unreasonable place to start.

Step Goal Progress: My goal is currently 8,000 steps and I’m increasing by 1,000 every time I manage to hit my goal every day for a full week.  As I write this on Friday night, it’s the last day I need to hit 8,000 before moving up!


Bunny seen on my walk

Study Goals: I’m on a 3 week studying “break” and it NEEDS to end.

Around the House: After living here for 2 years, I’ve finally set up the record player! We organized the basement which included setting up our old video game systems and the record player. I also set up a puzzle at the card table. It’s a fun place to hang out these days.

Fun Fact: A lot of people work from home on Fridays in my office, so each Friday my team tries to guess how many people that work in our area will show up. I have gotten it exactly right two weeks in a row! 🙂

Now this week:

  1. Running: Easy Run, 5 mile long run, Stroller run, 6x400s
  2. Studying: GET IT TOGETHER!
  3. Around the House: Organize my clothes
  4. Step Goals: Move it up to 9000
  5. Food Stuff: Don’t eat like crap, make banana muffins  and bbq chicken chili



Week In Review

I did it! I ran 4 times last week, exactly according to my “plan”. ☺ Praise me!

Monday – Had off from work after our trip to Buffalo, which made fitting in a run a tad easier. I was exhausted from going to bed at 1 AM and still getting up at 6 AM, but forced/convinced myself to run mid-morning. I thought it was going to be awful because of how tired I was, but the run actually felt great!

Thursday – I checked the weather forecast earlier in the week and since rain was predicted for Thursday, I decided to get some work done outside on Wednesday and run on the treadmill Thursday night. I was not overly excited to do it, but I did anyways. A new season of Switched at Birth was released on Netflix, so I’ve been watching that while I run and ONLY while I run. It’s very good motivation.

Saturday – I took to the treadmill in the afternoon for my weekly “long” run. In this case, long is relative. My typical run right now is 5 minutes walking, 25 minutes running, 5 minutes walking. I want to increase to a half marathon distance, but I’m in no rush. So for this run, I just did the “route of the day” on my treadmill, which was 3.33 miles. I sandwiched that distance between 5-minute warmup/cool down walks.

Sunday – The weather was finally nice enough again to take Mr. Baby for a spin in the jogger. And, Jeff was up for a run as well, so the three of us headed to a nearby (paved) trail. I didn’t bring my garmin, but according to the charity miles app, we covered 3 miles. (2.99 actually…ha!) It was nice to get the run done early in the day and while Mr Baby was awake. This meant I didn’t have to spend nap time running, and could get other things done.

My plan for this week is 4 runs again, and this time I’d like my mid-week run to be intervals. I’m thinking I’ll start with 4 x ¼ mile, and add an interval each week. I’m not sure how many I’ll build to; maybe 8. It seems like a good amount while allowing me to keep the run relatively short. As for pace, I’m not sure on that either, but thinking I’ll start with 10 min/mile and see how it feels. I haven’t really been keeping track of my pace, but I know it’s slower than that, so it seems like a nice round starting point.

This week left me feeling good about my running schedule, and hopeful that I can get some consistency back. I know it’s only the first week, but I feel like I could get into a good groove here. ☺

Note: I wrote this about a month ago, but somehow didn’t get it published (goodness!) It would seem that I’m not always a very prompt blogger. As an update, I made it a second week with 4 runs (including intervals!) before we had a house full of guests and a packed schedule to keep my from running. Hoping to get back at it this week!