#100HappyDays – Days 22 – 28

I’m woefully behind on these recap posts. I’m still up to date on finding a happy thing every day, just behind on the record keeping. It’s all good, I’ll be caught up soon. ūüėČ

Day 22: Making a Breakfast Smoothie. Chocolate Banana deliciousness. Plus spinach, not enough to taste it, but enough to be proud of my healthy-ness. Yum!

2014-04-05 07.31.21-1

Day 23: Planting Avocados.¬†Guess what I haven’t killed yet! (Note: I have since learned that under the BEST circumstances, Avocado plants will bear fruit after 3 or 4 years, sometimes it can take up to 15 years, some NEVER do….who thinks I can keep a plant alive for 3 years? ha!)

2014-04-06 14.10.27-1

Day 24: Spinning Class¬†I had fun at spinning class, but I didn’t take a picture of the actual class. Don’t worry, I have this very similar recreation of spinning:

2014-04-07 20.26.37

This is not spin class, but I am spinning.

Day 25:¬†Being Outside on a Beautiful Day¬†The weather really turned a corner recently. It’s kind of nice to be outside these days. Especially at the beach, where it’s beautiful, but still too cold for all the people.

2014-04-08 15.22.50

I love this view.

Day 26: Organizing Spices I love spices, I love glass jars, and I love my label maker. All of these were involved in this little project.

2014-04-09 16.24.37-1

Day 27: Fruit & Flowers Anniversary This was so much fun.

2014-04-10 17.34.34

Day 28: Friday TGIF!

2014-04-11 20.43.31



#100HappyDays – Days 15 – 21

This challenge should be called “finding little things that make me happy” because that’s the challenging part. Some days it’s obvious what my happy thing will be, but on an average day, I have to find “average” things that make me happy. I had a few non-typical days in week 3 of the challenge and it was easy to figure out what to use as my happy things, but getting back to normal means writing about what parts of my routine make me happy, and while there are plenty, it’s a little bit harder.

Day 15: Having a baby shower for my sister. The shower went great, and the best part was that it gave me a reason to visit Buffalo where I got to hang out with Beth all weekend, as well as some other wonderful people.

Day 16: A visit to¬†the zoo.¬†I love the zoo. The Polar bears weren’t out, but they did have a baby gorilla! And afterwards, I got to hang out with two great friends for dinner. Two happy things. I’m cheating.

Day 17: Drinking Lattes with Pam¬†On the way to the airport for my flight back to Boston, Pam and I stopped at Coffee Culture to enjoy a drink and each other’s company. We both got Lattes (mine a chai tea latte), and although it was pretty tasty, it was the company that made it fun.

Day 18:¬†Home sweet home¬†Visiting family in Buffalo is great, but it’s nice to spend a night at home with Jeff after a weekend away.

Day 19: Learning Yes, I am a huge dork.

Day 20:¬†The Magic Stoplight¬†There is a “busy” intersection that is part of almost all my runs, but when you push the walk button the light changes immediately. Like magic.

Day 21:¬†Successful Pace Run¬†I have had trouble with this workout for a long time. Not just training for this race, but the last time I trained to run under 2 hours, too. It makes it very difficult to imagine myself running an entire race at the pace I want if I can’t manage it for 5 miles. I finally did it. ūüôā

2014-04-08 07.19.08

#100HappyDays – Days 8 – 14

It hasn’t been very long, but I’m enjoying the happy days challenge so far. I’m trying to remember my happy things throughout the day as a way to stay focused on all the good things in my life and smile more. I don’t know if that’s actually working, but it’s not hurting. So, with no further ado, here’s week two:

Day 8:¬†Having a Muppet movie marathon.¬†Okay, to be fair, we only watched two movies and that’s hardly a movie marathon. ¬†We’ll watch another one or two soon, though. ¬†The first movie we watched was the new Muppet movie: Muppets Most Wanted. It was very funny, and I liked it a lot. We saw it in the theater, so I also got to have movie popcorn for lunch. The second movie we watched was Muppets From Space. I think this one is from the late 90’s, and is centered on the origins of Gonzo. I liked Muppets Most Wanted better out of the two, but that could just be because it’s new.

Day 9: Easter candy from Winfrey’s.¬†A few months ago, or maybe it’s a year now, a handmade candy store opened near our house. This weekend we stopped in to pick up a small treat while taking a walk, and that’s when we found something awesome. Candy eggs filled with fudge. So, obviously, we spent $10 on candy, which we ate over the course of two days. ¬†Chocolate for the win! See, I told you the grilled cheese wouldn’t be the only happy thing based on food.

Day 10: Knitting for someone special.¬†I’m knitting a blanket for my soon to be niece or nephew. It’s fun to knit and I like imagining a little baby wrapped up in the blanket in just a few months! I can’t wait to become an aunt for the second time. ūüôā

Day 11: Stocking up on Chickpeas¬†Yes, I’m aware that this sounds incredibly lame, but having a freezer full of beans is definitely a happy thought. We buy bags of dried beans, cook them, and then freeze them in 1-1/2 cup servings (equivalent to one can). We like to have a supply of chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, and pintos. ¬†In a typical week, we use anywhere from 4 to 8 “cans” of beans in chilli, hummus, tacos, and bean burgers. Eating all these things makes me happy, so having the ingredients is also a happy thing.

Day 12: Finishing a hard workout I didn’t feel like doing¬†I’ve been having a serious motivation issue this week for reasons unknown, and had absolutely no desire to run intervals on the treadmill today. Luckily, I have an awesome husband who will encourage me to come with him to the gym even if I’m whining about it and dawdling and he’d probably prefer to just leave my annoying self at home. Once I started running, I was perfectly happy doing it, and I really love intervals. They make me feel fast and awesome.

Day 13: Watching Friends with Jeff Sitting on the couch with Jeff watching Friends (or something else we find funny) is definitely one of my happy places.

Day 14: Visiting with mom A trip to Buffalo is always full of a lot of family time, and I got it kicked off right by having lunch and running errands with Mom and Pam, then Beth came over to visit and eat pizza. What a great time!

2014-04-02 06.56.07

#100HappyDays – Days 1 – 7

Last week, I told you all about my 100 Happy Days Challenge. Here’s how the first week went:

Day 1:¬†Running 11 miles before breakfast. Running makes me happy, obviously, especially Saturday morning long runs. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a great feeling about finishing a long run first thing on a weekend morning. I think it’s that I feel so accomplished, even if I do nothing the entire rest of the day.

Day 2: Reading in bed. I love reading, and there’s something even better about waking up without an alarm and spending a little time reading in bed. Good thing the weekend has two days, so I can spend one morning on a long run, and one sleeping in and reading in bed.

Day 3: Visiting with an out of town friend. Today was a happy day. I got to have lunch with my friend from high school, Fay, who was in town to see the Veronica Mars movie. I also met (apparently for the second time.) her grad school friend who also lives in the area. We all had lunch (including milkshakes) and then hung out at the nearest Irish Bar for some drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

Day 4: Getting a package. I love getting mail! Who doesn’t? I get excited to check the mail every day; who knows what’s going to be there? I’ve been lucky enough that people have recently sent me surprise food-filled packages in the mail, but the one that I got today was one I ordered myself – from Amazon, filled with necessities – two 24 packs of energy gel and a 4 pack of steel cut oats. ūüôā

Day 5: Grilled Cheese for lunch. I made it all the way to day 5 before using food as one of my happy things! I’m sure this won’t be the first. It might not even be the only time I mention grilled cheese. It’s one of my favorites.

Day 6: Running outside on the first day of Spring.¬†It was a short run, but good news, I didn’t suck at hills, and it smells so nice outside, not at all like sweaty gym smell! Hurrah!

Day 7: I passed the first actuary exam! Next up, job search and test 2, but for now I’ll just be happy that this one is behind me. It was a lot of studying and relearning calculus, and I’m glad all the hard work paid off. Man, I really like math. ūüôā

2014-03-21 20.45.26

1st Seven Days!

100 Happy Days

Have you heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge? Maybe I’m a little behind because I just heard about it, but I think it sounds pretty neat. For 100 days, you do something that makes you happy and then acknowledge it by taking a picture and posting it to one of the many social media sites. You can also email it somewhere.¬†Here’s where you can find the official explanation and registration info:¬†http://100happydays.com/


At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the whole picture taking/posting aspect and was considering just doing it “unofficially” without that bit. However, after thinking it over, I’m now convinced that it will be neat to have a collection of photos from the whole experience. Unfortunately, posting to a blog doesn’t count for the challenge. Instead, I’m going to sign myself up and post the pictures to ¬†twitter every day.¬†¬†I do really want to blog about this challenge, though, so I’m going to do that, too. I’m not sure exactly how often I’ll post, and I might not post every picture, but for now, I’ll shoot for once a week.

Why I want to do this:

I’m happy. I’m not doing this because I need to find ways to be happy. However, it’s sometimes too easy to focus on things that make me unhappy or stressed and overlook things that make me happy. I’d like to use this challenge to shift my focus and get more joy out of all the things in my life that make me smile.

I hope you enjoy following my 100 Happy Days!

*A note about the twitter posting: I’m choosing twitter specifically because I do not normally post to twitter (twice ever, and I’ve had it for over a year), and I don’t have any followers. I don’t want to subject my facebook friends (or blog followers for that matter) to one of these posts every single day, so twitter seemed like a good alternative. If however, for some reason, you do want to follow me on twitter, you are more than welcome: @magicjello729.