#100HappyDays – Days 57 – 63

One more week on the happy days challenge:

Day 57: Doing a puzzle I’ve had this puzzle for almost a year, and I finally got it started. Didn’t take very long to finish the puzzle. I haven’t put it away yet. I hate taking apart puzzles…it feels wrong. 

2014-05-10 17.53.49-1

Yeah, I have a puzzle of the awesome Boston Magazine cover w/ all the shoes.

Day 58: Mother’s Day I didn’t get to hang out with my mom this mother’s day, but I talked to her on the phone, and that was nice. I also got to visit with Jeff’s family, and that was a lot of fun.

2014-01-04 08.33.23

Mom and Pam w/ me after a race

Day 59: Lunch with Sara We have been bad at hanging out, but we finally got our act together and had lunch at our old “spot”. We picked up like it’s been no time at all, and it was fun.

2014-05-12 13.29.47-1

Day 60: Phone Call with Bethy I miss hanging out with my sister since we live so far apart, but she surprised me with a call this week and it was great to hear her voice. We’ll have to get better at skyping once she has her baby because that little rascal needs to be able to recognize his/her auntie!

2014-05-13 20.43.32

Me w/ my favorite sister

Day 61: My favorite quilt I know it’s practically summer and temps are starting to reach the 70s, but it still gets chilly in the evenings, and I LOVE this quilt. I have a thing for garnet hill.  I only wish I had the money and a good reason to buy every set of bedding in that catalog.

2014-05-14 20.23.59

Day 62: Spring I like the “mild” temperatures, the beautiful, and great smelling flowering trees. I’m trying to appreciate the Spring this year. Usually, it goes by so fast I don’t take the time to enjoy it.

2014-05-15 16.52.55

Day 63: Honey I love tea with honey, but I only use it as a special treat. For Christmas, I got a special stir stick with white honey on it. I’ve been saving it, and today I finally used it. Delicious! (P.S. Green tea w/ honey and lemon is tops!)

2014-05-16 13.04.37

This is not the honey I had today. I can’t remember to take a picture of everything!

I’m officially back on the bandwagon; I’m enjoying the happy days challenge again.